Daily Specials

Daily Specials: 

Monday– $1.50 Burgers, $1.00 Mugs,  $0.75 Hot Dogs

Tuesday– $5.00 Nacho Platters, $1.25 Tacos

Wednesday– $4.95/Doz Clams, $1.99 Kids Meals

Thursday– $0.50 Wings & Shrimp, $0.60 Boneless Wings

Lunch specials for the week:
Home Made Soup:
French Onion & Chicken and Rice

Soup and Grilled Cheese…..5.25

Chili and Buttered Roll…..5.25

Chicken Fajita Salad….8.95

Tuna Slater Wrap w/ French Fries….7.50

Veal Parm Sandwich w/ French Fries….7.95